FE-AGA8-92DC - Introduction

FE-AGA8-92DC, Ver. 2.10 is a program for 32-bit MS Windows platforms. FE-AGA8-92DC calculates compression factors, mass densities and molar densities of the natural gas mixture at both base and operating conditions using AGA-8 equation (denoted as AGA8-92DC equation) described in ISO12213_2. It calculates also natural gas supercompressibility factor, gas mixture molar mass, superior calorific value and the relative density at three standard pressure/temperature conditions.

FE-AGA8-92DC implements ISO-12213-2 and is in accordance with ISO-12213-1 and ISO-6976. It is possible to change the units of the output results (superior calorific value, density and molar density). For more details view ReadMeAGA8-92DC.txt . Download and try our demonstration program (fe_92dc.exe). Note: text-box for molar fraction of methane is locked in the unregistered version and can not be changed.

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