FE-ISO20765-1 - Introduction

FE-ISO20765-1, Ver. 1.01 is a program for 32-bit MS Windows platforms. FE-ISO20765-1 calculates the properties of natural gas in accordance with:

INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO-20765-1: Natural gas - Calculation of thermodynamic properties -
Part 1: Gas phase properties for transmission and distribution applications
INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO-12213-2: Natural gas - Calculation of compression factor -
Part1: Introduction and guidelines
Part2: Calculation using molar-composition analysis
Natural gas - Calculation of calorific values, density and Wobbe index from composition.

For more details view ReadMeISO20765_1.txt
Download and try our demonstration program (fe_20765.exe). Note: text-box for molar fraction of methane is locked in the unregistered version and can not be changed.

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