FE-ISO5167 - Introduction

FE-ISO5167, Ver. 1.21 is a program for 32-bit MS Windows platforms. FE-ISO5167 calculates flow-rate, differential pressure, orifice (bore) diameter of the differential devices and the pipe diameter in accordance with the International Standard ISO-5167/2003. Download "fe_5167.exe" a self-extracting file containing unregistered demo program (fe_iso5167.exe) and ReadMe_5167.txt file. Note: the text-boxes for pressure and density parameters are locked in the unregistered version and can not be changed but you can still verify all the possibilities and options of the registered FE-ISO5167 software.

Order your registration key by using Kagi Online Order Processing system. After receiving the confirmation of payment from Kagi, the registration key will be e-mailed to you within 48 hours. Registration key will enable you to unlock Demo and convert it to a fully functional program.