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FELIB provides software tools for the flow measurement engineering. FELIB transforms the flow measurement standards and procedures into the C-source codes and object-oriented components (DLLs) for MS Windows environments, which can be easily incorporated into the new developments. By combining the basic components, the complex measurement systems can be developed. Currently, we are focused on the automation of flow-rate measurements based on differential devices (orifice plates, nozzles, Venturi tubes, and cone meters) as the most widely used devices in industry. Our programs strictly implement the procedures specified by the corresponding international standards. The FELIB programs facilitate the calculation of fluid properties (natural gas, oil, water and steam), flow-rate, differential pressure and the bore- (throat-) or cone-diameter of the metering device in accordance with the corresponding standards and recommendations. We will continuously expand our offer by adding the software implementations of the international standards relating primarily to flow engineering and fluid properties. You can download and install demo versions of the corresponding executable programs. We are also developing algorithms and software components for industrial applications in source code (C, Visual C++ and VB). For additional information please send Email to info@felib.com.

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