FELIB's flow engineering library FELIB contains the collection of C++ source code classes, which implement the corresponding international standards and recommendations. Each class has an interface to its input/output properties (variables) and methods (functions). Upon completion of the execution each function returns the error status. The complete library FELIB is available as a DLL file felib.dll for 32-bit MS Windows platforms. Each class is also available as a separate DLL file. The C++ source code classes and DLLs can be efficiently embedded into the applications dealing with the fluid properties and flow engineering. You can use felib.dll to create versatile and powerful flow engineering applications easily. Take a look at a VB example using iso12213x2 class from the felib.dll to calculate the properties of natural gas in accordance with ISO12213-2 (AGA8-92DC).

FELIB's executable programs (*.EXE) are straightforward and easy to use and users generally do not need any extra instructions when running the program. Each program is supplemented with the corresponding text-only (readme) file, which contains the basic information about the program regarding the instalation, registration and the application. FE-ISO and FE-BS are slightly more complicated then the other programs because they combine the use of several standards each. They are additionaly supplemented with the corresponding on-line context sensitive Help files and Users guides in PDF and postscript format as well. Select the corresponding document from the left side form to read the program description.