FELIB provides executable programs (EXE), ActiveX components (OCX), Dynamic Linking Library files (DLL) and source code library files (C, C++ and Visual Basic), which implement certain International standards and recommendations. Demo versions of the executable programs are prepared as self-extracting self-installing files for 32-bit MS Windows environments. Download and try free our demonstration programs.

The OCX components can be easily included into Visual Basic working environment like any standard VB component (Text Box, Combo Box, etc.) with all the properties and methods visible in the Property Dialog Box.

The DLL files can be included into Visual C and Visual Basic applications. The DLL files contain properties and functions and error handling procedures.

C++ library containes the collection of C++ source code classes representing the implementations of the corresponding international standards and recommendations. Each class has an interface to its input/output properties (variables) and methods (functions). Upon completion of the execution each function returns error status. Each class is also available as a DLL file for 32-bit MS Windows platforms. The DLLs, OCX and C++ source code classes can be efficiently embedded in the applications dealing with the fluid properties and flow engineering. We plan to widen our offer by adding to this site the new algorithms and software implementations of the international standards.

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