FE-AGA8-1992, Ver. 1.10, Apr 01, 2005, is a program for MS Windows. FE-AGA8-1992 calculates compression factors, mass densities and molar densities of the natural gas mixture at both base and operating conditions using AGA-8/1992.
FE-AGA8-1992 also calculates natural gas supercompressibility factor, gas mixture molar mass, superior calorific value and relative density at three standard pressure/temperature conditions. FE-AGA8-1992 implements AGA-8 in detail and is also in accordance with ISO-6976.

FE-AGA8-1992 user interface

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FE-AGA8-1992 ReadMe
Ver. 1.10, Apr 01, 2005

FE-AGA8-1992 calculates the properties of a natural gas mixture completely in accordance with:
  • A.G.A. Transmission Measurement Committee Report No. 8: Compressibility and Supercompressibility for Natural Gas and Other Hydrocarbon Gases, 2nd edition November 1992, 2nd printing July 1994.
The calculation of relative density, superior calorific value and the conversion of volume and mass fractions into mole fractions are in accordance with:
  • ISO 6976:1995/Cor 1:1997: Natural gas - calculation of calorific values, density, relative density and Wobbe index from composition.

The following are the wider ranges of application for compression factor calculation with the FE-AGA8-1992 (see AGA-8/1992):

Parameter Range of application
Absolute Pressure [psia] 1.5⋅10-5 to 4000 psia
(10-7 to 275.8 MPa)
Temperature [F] -200 to 760 F
(144 to 678 K)
Relative Density [] 0.07 to 1.52
Superior Calorific Value [BTU/ft3] 0 to 1800 BTU/ft3
(0 to 67.066 MJ/m3)
Mole percent ranges:
Methane [%] 50 to 100%
Nitrogen [%] 0 to 100%
Carbon dioxide [%] 0 to 100%
Ethane [%] 0 to 100%
Propane [%] 0 to 12
Water [%] 0 to 10%
Hydrogen Sulfide [%] 0 to 100%
Hydrogen [%] 0 to 100%
Carbon Monoxide [%] 0 to 3%
Oxigen [%] 0 to 21%
i-Butane + n-Butane [%] 0 to 6%
i-Pentane + n-Pentane [%] 0 to 4%
n-Hexane + n-Heptane + n-Octane + n-Nonane + n-Decane [%] 0 to 10%
Helium [%] 0 to 3%
Argon [%] 0 to 1%

Download "fe_aga8.exe", the latest version of self-extracting and self-installing demo program. Run "fe_aga8.exe" and follow the on-screen instructions. The default folder for installation is C:\Program Files (x86)\FE_AGA8_1992.

RUN FE_AGA8_1992
After completing the installation run the program using the 'Start' menu of your task bar or double click the "fe_aga8_1992.exe" from your Windows Explorer.
To enter the parameter just click on the corresponding textbox and type in the value. Before entering the values for pressure and temperature select the corresponding unit at the right side of the parameter.
Note: The text box for Methane is locked in unregistered version and can not be changed but you can still verify all the possibilities and options of registered FE-AGA8-1992 software.
To start the calculation select 'Run' from 'Start' menu of your FE_AGA8_1992 menu bar.
To save the file select 'Save As' from FE_AGA8_1992 'File' menu. The default file extension is '.b92'
To open the existing file select 'Open' from FE_AGA8_1992 'File' menu.
To print the results of the calculation to your system printer select 'Print' from FE_AGA8_1992 'File' menu.
To print the calculation results into ASCII file select 'Print ASCII to File' from FE_AGA8_1992 'File' menu.
FE-AGA8-1992 calculates the parameters of a natural gas mixture at base and operating conditions (pressure & temperature). The range of base and operating pressure varies from 1.5⋅10-5 to 4000 psia (10-7 to 275.8 MPa). The range of base and operating temperature varies from -200 to 760 F (144 to 678 K). You can select the proper unit for pressure (among 24 available units) and for temperature (among 4 available units). The units of output parameters can also be changed. The following parameters are calculated:
  • Compression factor at base conditions
  • Mass density at base conditions
  • Molar density at base conditions
  • Compression factor at operating conditions
  • Mass density at operating conditions
  • Molar density at operating conditions
  • Supercompressibility factor
  • Mixture molar mass
  • Relative density at 0°C and 1.01325 bar
  • Relative density at 15°C and 1.01325 bar
  • Relative density at 20°C and 1.01325 bar
  • Superior calorific value (25°C/0°C/1.01325bar)
From the right side of the parameter select the preferable unit.
To convert your FE-AGA8-1992 demo program into fully functional version you need to buy the corresponding license. After buying the license you will receive email with registration data, which will enable you to unlock your demo and convert it into the fully functional registered version.
To register the program, Run FE-ISO12213-2 as administrator! Select'Register' from 'Help' menu of your FE-ISO12213-2 menu bar and enter data exactly as described in the corresponding e-mail message.
This program is furnished under the license agreement and is protected by copyright law and international treaties.

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